Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scrapbook sketch

I realize I haven't been keeping my words to update this blog on a regular basis :) And I haven't been scrapbooking for a while, well probably not a while, it's been quite some time. The last time I did one was when my son turned 2 and he's a year older now! Wow, time flies really fast!

Anyway I was browsing for 'scrapbook sketches' just now and found quite a number of interesting sketches that can be used to plan each scrapbook page. I personally love to have layout sketches before starting the actual scrapbooking process.

The main reason is that having sketches help me make more efficient use of time when I actually get around to scrapbooking. It also helps in reducing the risk of needing to waste materials or scrapbook supplies just to visualize an idea. Good thing is that you don't really have to come up with your own sketches. You can simply 'google' using the correct keywords (e.g. scrapbook layout sketches), and voila! You will see lots and lots of links to click on!

For people who love scrapbooking but always get stumped when it comes to finding a creative sketch, here are some useful sites which provide lots of interesting sketches.
Anyway here's a simple sketch that I got from... ermmm, I can't remember where I got this from :)
... and here's the resulting page!

Simple yet cool, isn't it??? (*Masuk bakul angkat sendiri ;) ~huhuhu)

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Calvin T said...

It feels so great to be on your blog page. Thanks for your hard work & great comments on this page.

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